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Knowledge Base

All encompassing product management resource list. Knowledge base includes topics like prioritization, roadmap, strategy, prototyping, launching, testing / user feedback, user engagement, and product design.


Launching a new product or a feature is starting to get into the domain of a product marketing manager. Similarly to product design, before you can manage the job function, you need to yourself...


Prototyping isn’t just the job of your designer. It’s more about the collaborate process involved in figuring out the specifics on what to build and how to build it. It’s also highly...


Product strategy is a bit of a nebulous category. Right after MS Office skills, “strategy” has to be one of the top Linkedin skills people throw on their profiles and endorse people for at...


Where our feature prioritization section focused more on short term prioritization within the backlog or for a given sprint, this section of more about the longterm. Roadmap is prioritization in terms of quarters or...


Product prioritization, also referred to as feature prioritization, is the process of deciding what to do in what order and why. It also involves convincing the various stakeholders (engineers, designers, customers, management, etc.) that...

Product Design

Product Design

User Engagement

User Engagement

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Testing / User Feedback

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